iOS 11 Ready. Desktop software updated. Fixed the Date issue for iOS 11 users. Kindly update and use.

FAQs for SMS Export Plus

I am unable to find chat.db file in my Mac..What to do??

This happens when you don't sync iMessage account with your Mac. In this case we would like you to use Mac version of software. It can be download from Download section of this website.

Got error message like this - "Need iOS app needs to be installed on your iOS device and Synced with your iTunes before exporting iMessages"??

If you get the above error message kindly follow below steps.
1. Make sure that "SMS Export Plus" app is Installed in your iPhone
2. Connect your iPhone to Computer using the Cable
3. Open iTunes Software in your Computer and take Backup to computer using iTunes. Click Here for detailed Instructions
4. Once the Backup process is complete in iTunes, then open SMS Backup app in your Computer

I am using iOS 10 and I can't turn off Encryption in iTunes while taking Backup..What to do??

Currently neighter iOS app nor Desktop software doesn't support Encrypted backups for iOS 10 devices. However Desktop software supports for earlier versions.

Using Windows Computer? See below instructions for PC users

The instructions given in the App are for Mac users only. As iMessage sync doesn't work with Windows PC, we have made alternate soltion for PC users.

Download and Install Desktop software in your Windows PC. Open the Desktop version in your PC and follow simple instructions

Check this User Guide

Please ensure that you take iTunes Backup of your iPhone to computer before start using the Desktop software.

Watch below video