iOS 11 Ready. Desktop software updated. Fixed the Date issue for iOS 11 users. Kindly update and use.

FAQs for SMS Export Plus

Does this support Windows computers?

There are seperate builds for both Windows and Mac computers. Kindly download windows version if you are using Windows Computer

I installed desktop app in my computer and opened it. But my iPhone details are not showing in the app

iPhone SMS Backup extracts messages stored from iTunes Backup stored in your computer. If you can't see your Device in the app, that means you don't have local backup of your iPhone in your computer.

In this case, kindly connect your iPhone to computer, Then open iTunes software and take manual backup. For Detailed steps visit this Link

I can see messages in the software but when I click to save asking me to upgrade. What does this mean?

You have to upgrade to Pro to save messages. Enter license key details to Upgrade. Don't have license key?? Get Here

Watch below Demo video